Monday, July 18, 2011

Something Cool.........

It is becoming such a brutally hot summer, that the heat is rarely far from my mind. That made me start thinking about gathering some cool tips for quilters. I started looking around for things to help you stay cool or things to do when dealing with the heat... That’s when I found an article about a group of quilters making “cool wraps” for soldiers in Afghanistan. In case you’ve been living under a rock (like me) cool wraps are long fabric tubes filled with polymer crystals that you soak in water and wrap around your neck or head to help keep you cool. Think about starting your own charity project or about giving this as a gift to someone who does yard work, construction work, etc. eHow has a great page with directions for assembly and other suggested uses at, and you can find the polymer crystals at . I don’t have the crystals yet to try this project, but if anyone has made some of these, I would love to see your posts!

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